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This tribe is for (but not limited to) individuals living in, based out of, or who has strong ties to the Santa Cruz counter-culture community: artists, musicians, writers, performers, DJs, filmmakers, stylists, non-profit businesses/organizations, activists, lightworkers, magicians, thinkers, hellraisers, and so on and so on...

Talk, network, exchange ideas, plug events, make related job/project/housing announcements, etc, with the goal of fostering true community, cutting out the 'middle man', and help each other out with our various ventures. (Basically, taking the dynamic one step further and localizing it a bit...)

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Food not Lawns Santa Cruz  topic
Passionate Rabble-Rower Filmakers Call  topic
Podcast 5 - The Hourglass.  topic
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Martial arts: Sparring/training partners?  topic
Carvers? Sculpture makers?  topic
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Concrete Jungle Arts Coop Schmoozer Tue, May 26th  topic
Places to live outside this summer  topic
Open Burner/Arts/Activist Warehouse!!!  topic
bumping resort party thurs night ,,  photo flag
Dub Pirates .. Pd Roc and more at the Heartbeat...  topic
PSYBER is this Saturday!  topic
Revenant: Fallout Tonight! 4/4/09  topic
Breathtaking Golden Retriever Puppies!  topic
Friday night  topic
Hard Dance at Commando Night this Sunday!  topic
The SC party list (Jan + Feb)  topic
Sunday March 8 DUB PIRATES, Mad Zach, Mr. Hump ...  topic
V/A “BAD 02” - Bay Area Dub Step 02 CD – Full ...  review

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